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An awesome program for playing tennis during Michigan's colder months. Until recently the program was administered via Ann Arbor Ski Club and known as "Ski Club" tennis, but now the tennis leagues are run independently by Ann Arbor Tennis Club (an independent organization with core mission to provide low-cost opportunities for enjoyment of the game of tennis).

There are three AATC sessions: Fall, Winter, and Spring. Each last ten weeks. The fall session starts in mid September, the winter session starts in early December and the spring session starts in mid February. Games are played at Chippewa Tennis Club.

The Fall 2011 session runs from Sept 17/18 to November 19/20. The Winter 2011/2012 session is planned from December 3/4 to February 18/19 and the Spring 2012 session is planned from Febriary 25/26 to May 5/6. From year to year the exact dates for sessions may change.

There are two leagues.

Saturday league
Matches are on Saturdays at 6-7.30pm. The play format is mixed doubles. Saturday league typically has 16 to 20 players. Players range from beginners (NTRP 3.0) to advanced (NTRP 4.0). The courts are assigned so that during a 10-week session everybody gets to play with everybody else. Social outings after the match are a real nice bonus.

Sunday league
Matches are on Sunday at 6.00-7.30pm and 7.30-9pm. The play format is co-ed doubles. Sunday league typically fills up to maximum of 48 players. Most players range from intermediate (NTRP 3.5) to advanced (NTRP 4.5). Court assignments are based on a dynamic skill-based ladder.

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