Ann Arbor Tennis Club: Sub List for Sundays
Please e-mail me at if you are having problems finding a sub

When getting a sub - find a player with a NTRP rating appropriate for your court number.

Here is an approximate correlation between times & court numbers and NTRP ratings:

Courts #4, #5, #6 at 6.00pm are Advanced (NTRP 4.0-4.5)
Court #6 at 7.30pm and Courts #1, #2, #3 at 6pm are Advanced Intermediate (NTRP 3.5-4.0)
Courts #3, #4, #5 at 7.30pm are Intermediate (NTRP 3.0-3.5)
Courts #1 and #2 at 7.30pm are Basic (NTRP 2.5-3.0)

Waiting List - please give these gents the first chance to sub!

#1 Adam Bickersteth		ajbickersteth hotmail com	Advanced
#2 Al Tamkus			arvtamo aol com			Advanced
#3 Mikhail Hanson		mikhail.hanson gmail com	Advanced Intermediate

Renewed and New Sub Pledges

Matt Gross			mwgross@gmail com		Advanced
Janet Palmer	734-249-3115	gtlakestennis yahoo com		Advanced
Tom Belcher			tombelcher gmail com		Advanced 
Lori Cummins			lcummins twmi  rr  com		Advanced Intermediate
Barb Carmac			carmackbarb yahoo com		Advanced Intermediate
Bernadette Eisemann		baeisemann frontier com		Advanced Intermediate
James Wiedmayer			wiedmayer10spro gmail com	Advanced Intermediate
Ron Amaraki 734-771-4695	raramaki1 comcast net		Intermediate
Huda Fadel			Intermediate
Carolyn Pearson	734-890-2713 		Intermediate

Our Most Deserved and Reliable Veteran Subs

John Cornack			jcornack eisenhowercenter com	Advanced
Dharshan Mendoza		dharshanmedonza gmail com	Advanced
Virender Sandhu			sandhuv aol 			Advanced
Kelly Elliot 734-686-2648					Advanced
Jerome Ng 			ngjerome hotmail com		Advanced
Ken Morley    734-678-0264	kenwmorley yahoo com 		Advanced Intermediate
Vivien Gierach 			gierach2945 juno com		Advanced Intermediate
Linda Polo   810-229-9371  	lmpolo aol        		Supreme Intermediate
Martin Hoesktra			mjhoekstra comcast net		Advanced Intermediate
Wayne Arvidson			wayne_arvidson keybank com	Advanced Intermediate
Kathy Christensen 734-476-5754		Intermediate
Eddy Christensen 734-677-2478   		Intermediate
Delynn Carter 734 741-9441	delynncarter yahoo com    	Intermediate
Sally Schmall			sschmall umich edu		Intermediate
Phil Tanner 	810-231-1781					Intermediate
Ralph Martin			rcpmartin gmail com		Intermediate
Laurie Krauth 734-649-8357  	LKrauth comcast net		Intermediate
Carolyn Pearson 734 890 2713    pearcar aim com  		Intermediate
Mike Zeiger 			mzeiger emich edu		Intermediate

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