Liberty Mens 3.0 Team wins State Championship

Before the SoutEastern Michigan Distric Playoff matches
  • We got the t-shirts and the hair
  • So don't mess with us!
  • Because we all read Harry Potter!

    After the SoutEastern Michigan Distric Playoff matches
  • We are happy with our first win
  • and we all get a trophy!

    During and After the State Finals
  • Bob signals to Scott
  • Scott serves an ace
  • Bob serves a mean slice
  • Doug attacks the net
  • Adam has the server's number
  • Cliff slams the ball for a winner
  • Don serves at 30-15
  • Don's serve punishes at 40-15
  • Don rallies to go up 3-0
  • Don is Victorious!
  • Team Celebrates winning 3 courts
  • More Good News!
  • Mike rallies to get back to 3-2
  • The team comes out to support Mike
  • and it is a big team!
  • Mike places a shot with a backhand
  • We are the State Champs
  • We are the State Champs!!!!
  • Our Captain

    2007 Midwest Championship in Indianapolis

    (Our record may have ended up 1-3, but we were competitive losing a few courts in super tie-breakers and taking at least one court in every match we played)

  • We are bussed to the courts: Bad Boys
  • Waiting to play our first match against Wisconsin
  • Adam and Doug battle battle it out at #2 Doubles
  • Sonny and Mike strategize (Sorry about the pole)
  • Sonny serves to start a second set
  • Dangerous D wins first singles 6-4, 6-4 against Indiana
  • Sweet!
  • The courts are tied 2-2 and we are all rooting for the Assassins
  • The take the court 11-8 in the super tie breaker
  • Doug is developing our secret sign (the grando cup inspires him)
  • El Torito Grill cuisine is good!
  • Marty is getting an update from Scott among the festivities
  • Egor is battling against Mario from Illinois
  • The backhand special
  • Rick and Cliff are keeping it tough for the Illini
  • DA is out there rooting for our guys!
  • Doug, Mike and Amy observe the action
  • Crazy Hair
  • We cause some excitement for the kids
  • Ann Arbor's Best
  • We decided to wear our T-shirts backwards
  • Adam had complete support of his family
  • We practice for our official photo
  • #1