AATC Doubles League Sign-up Information

Signup process for Saturday Spring 2019 Session is now open.

For Sunday Signup Info

As of 2/15/19: Saturday session has all 12 players signed up and there are no open spots left.
Please contact Linda at lmp@aol.com for waiting and sub list info.

10 weeks = $150.


    Start on Saturday February 23rd thru Saturday April 13th (8 weeks);
    Break for 1 week (Easter)
    Resume on Saturday April 27th thru Saturday May 5th (2 weeks);
    Note there is no tennis on April 20th
Because of USTA matches at Chippewa, we will have 3 available courts. That's only 12 total places! So, sign up NOW or get shut out!!! If you're new to our league: our Saturday gang is a fun group! During the 10 weeks, you will get to play w/everyone. After tennis, many of us go to a near-by restaurant for drinks, dinner, and general merry-making. . . again, everyone is invited!!! If you share a place, contact your place-sharer and organize your schedules. If you want to share a place w/someone, let me know - I'll do my best to hook you up. Reply to this e-mail (do it now, so you don't forget!!!) to reserve your place on the roster! Please include your name, gender, current e-mail, and a Saturday phone number. Thanks! - - - LMP lmpolo@aol.com

See "Payment Policy" for details on dealing with NSF checks.

As always - check AATC website for updates.