AATC Doubles League Sign-up Information

Signup process for Saturday Fall 2018 Session is now open. For Sunday Signup Info

We're still playing Summer tennis, but the Signup process for the Fall Session had started!!!
Hey there, Tennis Boys and Girls!!!   
   It's time to sign up for the Tennis League!   

10 weeks = $150.


    Saturdays - 10 weeks from 9/15/17 to 11/17/17: no interruptions
Because of USTA matches at Chippewa, we will have 3 available courts. That's only 12 total places! So, sign up NOW or get shut out!!! If you're new to our league: our Saturday gang is a fun group! During the 10 weeks, you will get to play w/everyone. After tennis, many of us go to a near-by restaurant for drinks, dinner, and general merry-making. . . again, everyone is invited!!! If you share a place, contact your place-sharer and organize your schedules. If you want to share a place w/someone, let me know - I'll do my best to hook you up. Reply to this e-mail (do it now, so you don't forget!!!) to reserve your place on the roster! Please include your name, gender, current e-mail, and a Saturday phone number. Thanks! - - - LMP lmpolo@aol.com

See "Payment Policy" for details on dealing with NSF checks.

As always - check AATC website for updates.